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Lastname Firstname Title Phone Number E-mail Department/Division
Lesicko David Interim Staff, Auxiliary Services 404-756-4442 Fiscal Affairs
McCalop Larry PT Staff, Purchasing 404-756-4442 Fiscal Affairs
Lane Pam Interim Staff, Accounting 404-756-4442 Fiscal Affairs
Morris Tamya Interim Staff, Accounting 404-756-4442 Fiscal Affairs
Presley Jenica Paige Interim Staff, Travel 404-756-4442 Fiscal Affairs
Cole Mike Interim Budget Director 404-756-4442 Fiscal Affairs
Rob Wingfield Interim Registrar 678-623-1202
Bailey Curtis P/T Learning Support Coordinator 678-623-1312 Academic Affairs
Braswell Michael Instructor of Physics/Engineer 404-756-4025 Sciences & Health Professions
Butler Jamie Lecturer of English Humanities & Fine Arts
Clark David SSS STEM Counselor 678-623-1168 Student Affairs
Glanton Shannon Instructor of A & P 404-756-4025 Sciences & Health Professions
Lamb MaryAnn Assistant Professor of ESL 404-756-4702 Humanities & Fine Arts
Moore Quintero Instructor of Biology Sciences & Health Professions
Normil Wadner Instructor of Biology 404-756-5692 Sciences & Health Professions
O'Bryant Deon Assistant Professor of Biology 678-623-1254 Sciences & Health Professions
OBryant Charity Chem Laboratory Assistant Science Math & Health Profession
Raven Keiana Financial Aid Assistant 678-623-1179 Financial Aid
Starks Kenneth Lecturer of Chemistry 404-756-3789 Sciences & Health Professions
Virnig Timothy Assistant Profess Digital Media 404-756-3922 Humanities & Fine Arts
Wimbish-Robinson Jennifer Sr. Financial Aid Officer 678-623-1180 Financial Aid
Stallings Kenneth Director Upward Bound West Clayton 404-756-4966 Upward Bound, West Clayton
Carr Bria Educational Specialist 404-756-4966 Upward Bound, West Clayton
Glynn Jakeia Educational Specialist 404-756-4966 Upward Bound, Talent Search
Markland Karlos Educational Specialist 404-756-4966 Upward Bound, Thomaston
Grimes-Solomon Kimberly VP Enrollment and Student Affairs 404-756-4585 Student Affairs
Davis Tocarro Coordinator of Recruitment & Retention 404-756-4783 Office of Testing
White LaTonya Financial Aid System Analyst 404-756-4002 Financial Aid
Williams Terri Financial Aid Counselor 404-756-4002 Financial Aid
Hogans Stonte' Admissions Specialist 404-756-4004 Admissions
Financial Aid Office   Main Number 404-756-4002  
Benson Tiffany Student Financial Aid Counselor 404-756-4002 Financial Aid
Carol Jones Interim Director of Financial Aid 404-756-4002 Financial Aid
McClain Duane Photography/Yearbook 678-623-1185 Upward Bound Fulton
Rivers Jamila Records Coordinator 404-756-4001 Registar
Phillips Patrick Instructor of First Year Experience 678-623-1278 Social Science Division
Nicholson Amanda Instructor 404-756-4033 Social Science Division
McMurty Anita Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 404-756-4708 Social Science Division
Greer Tammy Lecturer of Criminal Justice 678-623-1307 Social Science Division
Mays Hazel Associate Professor of Education 404-756-4824 Social Science Division
Stewart Larry Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 678-623-1309 Social Science Division
Haberman Joann Instructor of Psychology 678-623-1304 Social Science Division
Catchings Andrea Instructor of First Year Experience 404-756-4033 Social Science Division
Caldwell Kaila Instructor of First Year Experience 404-756-4033 Social Science Division
Brooks Kimberley Senior Secretary 678-623-1171 Science, Math, & Health Professions
Ekwuocha Anthonia Assistant Professor of Mathematics 678-623-1291 Science, Math, & Health Professions
Abdullatif Bassam Lecturer of Mathematics 404-756-4744 Science, Math, & Health Professions
Sellers Richard Dispatcher 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Shackelford Mardis Police Officer 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Hollwell Shellian Dispatcher/Admini Assist 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
White Barron Police Officer 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Gunn Torran Police Officer 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Gardner George Security Officer 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Howard Linda Executive Secretary 404-756-4585 Student Affairs/Academic Affairs
Turner-Gaston LaShelle Lecturer of English 404-756-3916 Humanities & Fine Arts Division
Sanders David Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Rapley James C Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Pringle Tamika Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Glenn Tobias Custodial Services 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Crowley Ca'Mesha Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Hepburn Muriel Instructor 404-756-4006 Business and Computer Science
Polidore Brittani Computer Services Specialist 678-623-1299 Center for Academic Advising & Success
Francois Edward Data Manager, Division of Student Affairs 678-623-1298 Student Affairs
Dinh Hieu Tong Assistant Professor - Chemistry 404-756-4025   Science, Math, and Health Professions Division
    Main Number 678-623-1285   Central Receiving Office
Pickett Dakiesha Senior Financial Analyst 678-623-1129 Fiscal Affairs
Mangum Vincent Dean, School Business and Information Technology 404-756-4006 Business & Computer Science Division
    Main 404-756-4097   Bookstore
Kirby Donald Service/Maintenance Worker     Building Maintenance
Singletary Leander Coordinator, Student Conduct/Vet Affairs 678-623-1266 Veterans Affairs
Smith Cassandra Director SSS STEM 678-623-1325 Student Support Services
Montgomery Michael Conference Center Manager 678-623-1280 FIscal Affairs
Business & Computer Science Division   Main Number 404-756-4006   Business & Computer Science Division
Cafeteria   Main Number 404-756-4402   Cafeteria
Academic Affairs Office   Main Number 404-756-4443   Academic Affairs
Counseling and Disability Services   Main Number 404-756-4016   Counseling and Disability Services
Custodial Services   Main Number 404-756-4003   Custodial Services
Registrar's Office   Main Number 404-756-4001   Registrar's Office
Admissions Office   Main Number 404-756-4004   Admissions Office
Center for Academic Advising & Success   Main Number 404-756-4784 The Center for Academic Advising
Human Resources Office   Main Number 404-756-4047   Human Resources Office
Humanities and Fine Arts Division   Main Number 404-756-4013   Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Institutional Advancement Dept..   Main Number 404-756-4666   Institutional Advancement Dept..
Institutional Effectiveness Dept..   Main Number 404-756-4654   Institutional Effectiveness Dept..
Plant Operations   Main Number 404-756-4003   Maintenance
Management Information System Office   Main Number 404-756-4052   Management Information System Office
President's Office   Main Number 404-756-4440   President's Office
AMSC Police Department   Main Number 404-756-4477   AMSC Police Department
School of Science and Health Professions Division   Main Number 404-756-4025   Sciences & Health Professions Division
School of Social Sciences and Humanities   Main Number 404-756-4033   Social Sciences Division
Student Activities Office   Main Number 404-756-4916   Student Activities
Student Affairs Office   Main Number 404-756-4585   Student Affairs
Student Outreach & Access Office   Main Number 404-756-4635   Student Outreach and Access Office
Office of Testing Services   Main Number 404-756-4783   Office of Testing Services
Upward Bound Office   Main Number 404-756-4059   Upward Bound Office
Upward Bound /TRIO   Main Number 404-756-4966   Upward Bound/TRIO
Heard Michael Provost and VPAA 404-756-4443 Academic Affairs
Rickenbacker Keel Administrative Secretary 678-623-1145 Strategic Marketing and Advancement
Mirza Faisal Associate Professor 404-756-4717 Business and Computer Science Division
Crawford Brian Associate Prof. of Moleculor Biology 404-756-4025 Sciences & Health Professions
Gilliam Kierstin Administrativel Assistant 404-756-2742 Student Support Services
Nguyen Tuyet Upward Bound Clayton Ed. Specialist 678-623-1197 Upward Bound - Clayton
Williams Dorothy Director, Counseling and Disability Services 678-623-1205 Counseling and Disability Services
Senalte Pitso Mathematics Lecturer 404-756-4025 Sciences & Health Professions
Akoh Harry Interim Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities 404-756-4716 Social Sciences
Dowdell James Instructor of Mathematics 404-756-4025 Sciences & Health Professions
Chatman Candice Interim Dean, School of Sciences and Health Professions 678-623-1256 Sciences & Health Professions
Lee Deborah Director,Upward Bound - Fulton 404-756-4059 Upward Bound - Fulton
Duhart Sharon Director, CAAS 404-756-4784 Center for Academic Advising & Success
Ravi Kokila Director Online & Spec Learning Program 678-623-1141 Academic Affairs
Futa Imora Academic Success Advisor II 404-756-5690 Center for Academic Success
Rawls Regina Academic Advisor II 404-756-5690 Center for Academic Success
Sizemore Michael Academic Advisor I 404-756-5690 Center for Academic Success
Davis Gloria Library Assistant I 404-756-4010 Library
Ananaba Agu Associate Professor of Business 404-756-4721 Business and Computer Science
Onabanjo Babatunde Associate Professor of Computer Science 678-623-1270 Business & Computer Science Division
Hall Kenneth Custodian I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Jenkins Cheka Service/Maintenance Worker 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Printup Eric Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Wilcox James Security Officer 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Glenn Mona Senior Secretary 404-756-4033 Social Sciences Division
Kirkland Sharieka Coordinator of Admissions 678-623-1110 Admissions
Morgan Barbara Professor Emeritus 404-756-4025 Science, Math, & Health Professions
Nick Henry Interim VP for Fiscal Affairs 404-756-4442 Fiscal Affairs
Strickland Vincent Accounts Payable Specialist 678-623-1135 Fiscal Affairs
Saylor Rachel Cashier/Student Accounts Rep I 678-623-1131 Fiscal Affairs
Clark Yokoya HR Assistant 678-623-1114 Human Resources
Williams Mitzi Chief Human Resources Officer 678-623-1115 Human Resources
Benson Silveree Instructor 404-756-4692 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Hildenbrand Joan Professor of Reading 404-756-4669 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Mitchell Shawn Assistant Professor of English 404-756-3919 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Mallory Lisa Professor of English 404-756-4700 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
James Shelia Office/Clerial Assistant 678-623-1203 Upward Bound - Fulton
Cunningham Mark Associate Provost, SACSCOC Acreditation Liaison 404-756-4654 Institutional Effectiveness
Chambers Tarita Reference Librarian 678-623-1153 Library
Harmon Carolyn Library Assistant III 678-623-1150 Library
Quarles Robert Director 678-623-1240 Library
Beasley Charles Maintenance Foreman 404-756-4003 Building Maintenance
Chatman Jesse Skilled Trades Worker 404-756-4003 Building Maintenance
Powers Tichina Database Specialist 404-756-4052 Management Information System
Travis Antonio Chief Information Officer 404-756-4023 Management Information System
Eddins Charles IT Network Support Professional 678-623-1104 Management Information System
Rice Hazel Secretary 678-623-1228 Phy Plant Administration
Hopson DeLise Executive Assistant to the President 678-623-1126 President's Office
Lewis Georj President 404-756-4440 President's Office
McMillan Elridge AMSC Scholar in Residence 404-756-4404 AMSC Scholar in Residence
Pope Stanley Postal Assistant 678-623-1285 Central receiving
Choi Gyuheui Associate Professor Mathematic 404-756-4739 Sciences & Health Professions
Desai Shreyas Assistant Professor of Mathematics 404-756-4781 Sciences & Health Professions
Rollings Meda Executvie Director of Faculty & Administrative Services 678-623-1148 Academic Affairs
Mitchell Bryan Assoicate Professor of Biology 404-756-2733 Sciences & Health Professions
Patterson Joseph Associate Professor of Mathematics & Physics 404-756-4748 Sciences & Health Professions
Baldwin Leroy Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 404-756-4710 Social Sciences Division
Geisert Michelle Assistant Professor of Sociology 404-756-4711 Social Sciences Division
Williams Michelle Executive Director, SECME 678-623-1211 SECME
Todd Curtis Professor of Social Work 404-756-2749 Social Sciences Division
Kowal Jonathan coordiinator of Recreation & Intramural Sports 404-756-3895 Social Sciences Division
McCray Kenja Associate Professor of History 404-756-4715 Social Sciences Division
Wilkes, Jr. Robert Assistant Professor of Political Science 404-756-2747 Social Sciences Division
Clark Leotis Educational Specialist 678-623-1234 Upward Bound - Thomaston
Shanklin Iris Director 678-623-1221 Student Activities
Felder Morgan Director 404-756-2741 Student Support Services
Jean Ruth Director 678-623-1190 Educational Talent Search
King Sabrina Director 404-756-2731 Upward Bound Thomaston
Gayle Charlene Assistant Professor of Business Administration 404-756-4006 Business & Computer Science
Beadles Amanda Dispatcher 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Crosland Dwayne Police Officer 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Gammon Jr. Wiley Chief 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Hill Marcus Corporal 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Hutchinson Christopher Lecturer of Arts Humamities & Fine Arts
Klusza Stephen Laboratory Professional biology Science Math & Health Professions
Manget-Johnson Carol Instructor 404-756-3924 Humanities & Fine Arts
Mckee Ivan Recruitment & Retention Assistant 404-756-2774 Student Affairs
McQueen LaShander Sr. Records Coordinator 678-623-1121 Registrar
Parker Val Instructor 404-756-3923 Humanities & Fine Arts
Preston Jasmine Office Manager 678-623-1192 Upward Bound-Thomaston Math/Science
Rasheed Muhammad College Recruiter 678-623-1231 Student Outreach and Access
Reuven Darkeyah Laboratory Professional Chemis Science Math & Health Professions
Robbins Keyvonna Dispatcher 404-756-4477 AMSC Police Department
Speller Shari College Recruiter 689-623-1159 Student Outreach and Access
Taylor Erica Academic Case Manager (Achieve Atlanta) Center for Academic Advising
Walker Chadrick Director 678-623-1187 Upward Bound-Thomaston Math/Science
Whelchel Noel Instructor 404-756-5692 Science Math & Health Professions
Woodard Cameron Counselor 678-623-1342  
Nwaogu Eze Professor of Information Tech 404-756-4718 Business & Computer Science Division