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Institutional Obligation for Public Disclosure

Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) is committed to student achievement. To that end, the College's mission statement, below, provides the guidelines for all of its services and programs:

"Atlanta Metropolitan State College, a unit of the University System of Georgia, focuses on excellence, where outstanding faculty members and committed staff teach and facilitate the successful academic matriculation and holistic development of students.The College offers an affordable liberal arts education and prepares students from a diverse urban community to function in a global society."

AMSC monitors student achievement at three critical milestones from matriculation to completion: retention rate, course success rate, and graduation rate. The College will provide annual updates of these student achievements, demonstrating its commitment to student success and accountability to the public.

Retention Rates Degree-Seeking, First-time, Full-time Cohort)

Goal 1 - Annually, student retention rates will equal or exceed those of the USG State College average.

Cohort Year Degree-Seeking AMSC USG State College Average
2016 Cohort Associate's Degree 53.2% (N=158) 55.8% (N=4858)
Bachelor's Degree 71.0% (N=7) 65.8% (N=3613)
2017 Cohort Associate's Degree 43.1% (N=197) 59.4% (N=5,183)
Bachelor's Degree 27.0% (N=11) 63.8% (N=3,602)
2018 Cohort Associate's Degree 46.5% (N=213) 55.2% (4,666)
Bachelor's Degree % (N=11) 64.0% (N=3,609)
Short-Term Target: Increase 2% Annually; Long-Term Target: Increase to national Average


Student Progression Rates (Earned/Attempted Hours Ratio)

Goal 2a - Increase earned/attempted hours rate, by student type

Academic Year Student Type Average Earned/Attemped Hours Avg. Median (Earned/Attempted) Hours Mode
Fall 2014 Full-time (FT) Students 73.5% 76% 100%
Part-time (PT) Students 66.7% 66% 100%
Fall 2015 Full-time Students 75.7% 79% 100%
Part-Time Students 70.1% 73% 100%
Fall 2016 Full-time Students 79.1% 83% 100%
Part-time Students 72.4% 75% 100%
Short-term Target: Increase 2%, Annually; Long-term Target: FT - 90%, PT - 85% earned/attempted hours


Student Progression Rates (Registered Hours by Semester)

Goal 2b - Increase the total credit hours registered, by semester and by student type

Academic Year Student Type Number of Students/%Students Average Registered Hours
Fall 2014 Full-time Students 1413/47.3% 13.5
Part-time Students 1575/52.7% 7.8
Fall 2015 Full-time Students 1283/42.8% 13.4
Part-Time Students 1717/57.2% 7.4
Fall 2016 Full-time Students 1075/40.3% 13.5
Part-Time Students 1593/59.7% 7.3


Graduation Rates (Degree-Seeking, First-time, Full-time Cohort)

Goal 3 - Students will achieve graduation rates equal to or higher than those for the USG State College Average. Note: Associate degree graduation rates represent 3-year cohorts, and bachelor's degree graduation rates represent 6 year cohorts.
Cohort Year Degree-Seeking AMSC USG State College Average
2014 Cohort Associate's Degree 21.8% (N=234) 13.8% (N=5510)
2012 Cohort Bachelor's Degree 0% (N=5) 18.7% (N=2,618)
2015 Cohort Associate's Degree 24.1% (N=187) 15.2% (N=5531)
2013 Cohort Bachelor's Degree (N=4) 22.8% (N=2,552)
2016 Cohort Associate's Degree 23.4% (N=158) 14.5% (N=4,858)
2014 Cohort Bachelor's Degree Available Fall 2020 Available Fall 2020
Short-term Target: 1-2% Annually; Long-term Target: National Average