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Welcome to the School of Social Sciences & Humanities at Atlanta Metropolitan State College. We are excited to have you join us at "the miracle on Metropolitan," where we provide "student-centered instruction, civic/community engagement, and quality services." The School of Social Sciences & Humanities engages all students whether you are a freshman, returning or transient student with a diversity of programs, pathways and majors that will help you become a qualified graduate ready to face the challenges of the twenty-first century. As part of the University System of Georgia, AMSC students get the same quality of education or access to scholarships like any of the other state institutions, but unlike them, at AMSC, you get the benefit of smaller class sizes, better access to your faculty and a high level of personal touch tailored to help every student succeed.

Attending college anytime after 2020 is particularly challenging because of the changes wrought by Covid19. While many traditional face-to-face classes were disrupted, at AMSC, our courses cover a striking blend. With versatility of the faculty and the accessibility of smart technology, many professors regularly hold virtual class meetings where students can still enjoy some of the benefits of interaction. At AMSC you will find a committed and dedicated team of faculty working to meet the students where they are. In the School of Social Sciences & Humanities, we take pride in leading these cutting-edge developments.

Whether you have already made up your mind about a major or you still concerned about the common core, it is important that you know the main fields that are offered within the School of Social Sciences & Humanities.

Students who aspire for leadership or a career in public service, healthcare administration or office administration are invited to give Organizational Leadership a second look. If you are among those who have always dreamed of working on movie sets or to produce your own online content for YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook - the Digital Media Program (Film & Entertainment Studies) is the place for you. This program is taught in association with the Georgia Film Academy. There are many other students who are thinking of a career in law enforcement, the correction or judicial system - Criminal Justice opens the door to a brighter future. Social Work and Psychology have always attracted the very gifted and talented students who have a drive to make their communities better. Whether as a social worker or a counselor, our students get to learn from teachers who are also practitioners in their respective disciplines. This is a great opportunity for you to learn directly from the experts.

The hallmark of an ambitious student who is focused and working towards graduation is registering early for the next semester. As a student at AMSC, irrespective of your major, you are assigned an academic advisor. You should always schedule an early appointment with your advisor to plan your courses for the next semester and your career goals. Students should have a clearly mapped out schedule of classes which they plan to take within the entire academic year. The best place to start is by meeting with your advisor. Registering early for classes comes with many advantages including getting the best class times. Equally important as registration is completing your FAFSA application before the deadline. So, put these two critical items on your to-do list for every semester and do them early.

At the School of Social Sciences & Humanities, we are invested in your success and therefore extend a welcoming hand to all our students. Students have access to meet with their faculty during office hours (tutorial hours) if they have any concerns or questions. Furthermore, many faculty hold online or virtual office hours for their students. You do not need to be on campus to receive instructional assistance. Students can also get additional help by visiting the tutoring center which has many resources to assist with learning. You can email them at or by calling 404-756-4784. In some disciplines, there are field or placement studies where students get to work with professionals in their respective disciplines (film industry, education, criminal justice, psychology, social work etc.) and create partnerships that may be critical after graduation or during a job search. Students who are in financial difficulties or need help with other things besides their studies can always contact the Office of Accessibility (Dr. Dorothy Williams, Director, Building 650-Suite 252 Telephone: 404-756-401).

Vital to our commitment to excellence, creativity and innovation at the School of Social Sciences & Humanities, is our promise to diversity and inclusiveness. We promote classrooms and a campus climate of respect, tolerance and respect for diversity and all cultures. We hold these values dear to us because we believe that a climate in which we celebrate each other and bask in the diversity of our cultures is the best place to nurture dreams and pursue our fullest potential. I am very confident that the years ahead including those spent with us - will be rewarding as you move closer to your dreams. I am looking forward to meeting you on campus and it is my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Social Sciences & Humanities.

Contact Information

Dr. Harry A. Akoh
Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Location: Science Lecture Building, Room 126
Phone: 404-756-4033

Mona A. Glenn
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Schools of Social Sciences & Humanities and Business & Technology
Location: Bldg. 100, Room 128
Phone: 404-756-4033

SSH Programs & Pathways

Bachelor's Program


  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Criminal Justice & Police Sciences Institute)
  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership (eMajor)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media & Entertainment (Film & Entertainment Studies)

Associate's Program

  • A.S. in Film (partnership with Georgia Film Academy)
  • Teacher Education Pathway (and a Transfer Articulation Agreement with Clayton State University, and Kennesaw State University).
  • Social Work Pathway
  • Psychology Pathway
  • Criminal Justice
  • Mass Communication
  • General Pathway (ASCC/AACC)


  • Religious Studies Certificate