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The Mission of the AMSC Title IX & Judicial Affairs office is to work collaboratively with the campus community to uphold the AMSC Sexual Misconduct Policy, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures, and the Student Code of Conduct in order to promote a safe learning environment for students, faculty, and staff. Our further mission is to minimize disruption in our workplace, preserve business relationships, foster a respectful environment, build trust, promote better communication, and provide efficient, effective and appropriate dispute resolution services to AMSC students, faculty, and staff.

Title IX & Judicial Affairs Overview

The Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) Title IX & Judicial Affairs office is responsible for overseeing the College wide judicial system and coordinating all related adjudication processes and functions as it relates to the AMSC Title IX Initiative and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program for faculty and staff. Judicial Affairs also coordinates the hearing process related to student misconduct and violations of the AMSC Student Code of Conduct. The Title IX & Judicial Affairs office is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of the AMSC Sexual Misconduct Policy and the AMSC ADR Policy and Procedures related to all alleged acts of non-academic misconduct. The Title IX & Judicial Affairs office further provides proactive programming and educational interventions in an effort to foster the development of student, faculty, staff responsibility and community. The goals of the Title IX & Judicial Affairs office are:

  • To provide educational programs and interventions directed at encouraging responsible, community-minded behavior.

  • To establish and enforce reasonable and clear limits designed to protect the community and the rights of its members.

  • To develop and support a positive learning environment.

  • To educate students regarding responsibility and accountability for their actions.

  • To encourage and foster self-insight and self-initiated change of behavior.

  • To protect the rights of individuals accused of violating College rules and regulations.

  • To provide a fair, supportive, and timely hearing process to address instances of alleged violations of College rules and policies.

  • To offer learning experiences for students, staff, and faculty who participate in the on-going maintenance and implementation of the process.

The basic philosophy of the AMSC judicial system is educational in nature. Outreach programs are designed to encourage students, faculty and staff to empower themselves to establish and maintain positive, responsible, and supportive communities. Students, staff, and faculty are trained to discuss and confront inappropriate behavior in a straight forward, positive manner. Respect for all parties, honest dialog, and an objective consideration of all evidence and testimony is critical to the process.

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