Office of the President

Meet the President, Dr. Georj Lewis

Dr. Georj Lewis

While I have just recently arrived on campus, I have already been impressed and moved by the deep commitment to student success that I see on the AMSC campus. Every member of the Trailblazer Family - faculty, staff, alumni, donors, corporate and community members, friends - contributes to this success in valuable and varied ways. This collective dedication to our mission, in tandem with an uncompromising willingness to work toward excellence, will result in even greater futures for our students. As I look ahead, I see AMSC providing transformational experiences that have a multigenerational impact. When an individual earns a degree, there is an alchemy that enriches the entire family and community in which the individual resides. AMSC will be the catalyst that brings about upward social mobility for thousands of Metro Atlantans, but we will not do it alone. Partnerships and collaborations will be critical. In the coming months, we will laser-focus on Three Key Priorities: Student Success and Enrollment; Financial Stability and Growth; and Strategic Planning. Our Strategic Planning process will engage all areas of campus to fine-tune our mission and vision and work toward them with an enthusiastic sense of urgency. This is an exciting time of possibility and potential. Every step on the path might not be smooth. But we are supremely prepared for the next adventure. After all, we have been blazing trails since 1974.

President's Cabinet

The President's Cabinet is composed of the executive leadership of the College, which consists of the Vice Presidents of the College: The President's Cabinet provides primary advice to the College President on all matters relating to Atlanta Metropolitan State College. The President's Cabinet conducts the College's Budget Hearing/State of the Unit event, which occurs on an annual basis, where units of the College present budget requests, SWOT analysis, as well as long term (strategic) and short term (tactical) planning and assessment activities.

Dr. Kimberly Grimes-Solomon, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs
Dr. Michael Heard, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Nick Henry, Interim Vice President for Fiscal Affairs

Office of the President's Staff

The Board of Regents of the University of Georgia