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B2B Members with Advisors and Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe (2nd from left front), founder of Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) and Brother-2-Brother (B2B) at a Leadership Workshop at AMSC

As part of AMCs strategic plan, the college focuses on student performance by using resources to educate students and encourage faculty and staff to develop and improve scholarship, commitment, accountability, character, and determination of African American and Latino males through mentoring, leadership, and achievements in academic progression, cultural awareness, and community engagement.

B2B strives to “Save Lives and Salvage Dreams” by preparing students for the economic realities, political climates, societal needs, and citizen expectations of African American and Latino males.

B2B men serve in one or more tiers.
· TIER ONE - Serve their community as student mentors to uprising students in grades 3 through 12 at neighboring public schools.
· TIER TWO  - Serve their fellow brothers by becoming peer mentors to new students who aim for academic success from the first day of class all the way to graduation.
· TIER THREE - Serve themselves by promoting academic success, cultivating historical awareness, and engaging in community outreach. 

B2B men are encouraged to . . .
· Attend class and spend at least two hours of studying for each credit hour of course work.
· Meet with a B2B advisor at least twice a month to discuss academic progress.
· Recruit and help to maintain new students and members in AAMI® and B2B.

African American Male Initiative (AAMI®)
Membership in the African American Male Initiative (AAMI®) automatically qualifies students to become a member of B2B, which is AMCs trailblazing chapter of a national organization called Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) which operates across the nation where young men of color enjoy the privilege of social, cultural and spiritual enrichment.  For more information about (AAMI®) visit,