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Scholarly Work

Grants/Research Highlights


Creating Research Excellence in Science Technology Mathematics Engineering (CREST-ME)
Principal Investigator - Mr. Bryan Mitchell; Co-PI - Dr. Margaret Lowder

The NASA CREST-ME Project at AMSC seeks to increase the number of underrepresented, underserved and minority students successfully pursuing and completing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and NASA-related courses and programs of study. Through Undergraduate Research Courses (BIOL/CHEM/PHYS 2245) here at AMSC, STEM majors are able to conduct NASA-related research projects. Feel free to ask our NASA research scholars question pertaining to their research and how you too can become a NASA CREST-ME Research Scholar. This program is funded through the NASA Curriculum Improvement Partnership Award for Integration of Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum (NNX10AU74GE).


Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
Principal Investigator - Dr. Alvin Harmon

Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA)
MESA Principal Investigator - Dr. Vasanta Chivukula

Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) is nationally recognized for its innovative and effective academic development program. MESA provides opportunities for students, including the underserved student population,  to achieve in math engineering, and science. MESA engages students in a wide array of activities, including: learning communities, research, and mentoring.

Publication Highlights

Psychological Wellness

Author, Dr. Ricardo Frazier, Professor, Social Sciences Division

This book is a series of writings built around interviews conducted by the author with Swami Muktananda Karmu, born Edgar Warner in 1910. Karmu practiced a system of health care that was constructed on the foundation of traditional Asian and African holistic healing. During the final phase of his life, Karmu was widely viewed as a healer, shaman, and spiritual alchemist.  In this book the author shares the endorsed theories and practices of Swami Muktananda Karmu.

Author, Professor Lisa Mallory, Humanities and Fine Arts Division

  • Mallory, Lisa; “Identity Exploration: Looking at Ourselves and Looking at Each Other.” Connections, the journal of the Georgia Council of Teachers of English. Spring 2007
  • Mallory, Lisa; “The Dishes” (poem). Number One, Volunteer State College. 2005
  • Mallory, Lisa; “Travelogues: Using Research Papers to Explore the World.” Connections, the journal of the Georgia Council of Teachers of English. Spring 2005
  • Mallory, Lisa; “Lyrics as Literature: Using Music as a Bridge to Poetry.” Connections, the journal of the Georgia Council of Teachers of English. Fall 2004

Presentation Highlights

  • Ojo, Abe; Mitchell, Bryan; Cunningham, Mark; Morgan, Barbara, SACS Round Table, Strategies for Increasing Underserved Student in STEM Disciplines, December 2010
  • Curtis Todd, CETL Presentation, Georgia Southern University, First Generation Students: to determine interventions that foster the recognition, utilization and celebration of strengths, and to position educators as collaborators with first generation college students' academic and career goals, Spring 2011
  • Dr. Sherrye Smith, CETL Presentation, Georgia Southern University,  Technology and Student Engagement:  to work within a collaborative environment in order to gain knowledge to enhance instruction in both face-to-face and distance learning classes and programs, Spring 2011
  • Michele Geisert, CETL Presentation, Georgia Southern University, Women Hold up Half the Sky: to explore the types of concerns and challenges that present and potential AMSC non-traditional female students (over age 25) may encounter and recommend ways that some of these may be mediated.