Atlanta Metropolitan State College


Dual Enrollment Admissions Standards

For dual enrollment, a student meet the following conditions:

  1. must be a junior or senior
  2. score minimum SAT score of 970 (combined verbal and math sections) or an ACT Composite score of 20.
  3. have a minimum 3.0 GPA in the academic college prep core
  4. complete the University System of Georgia College Preparatory Curriculum for high school graduation, with the exception of senior level English, Math, and final unit of Social Science (dual credit opportunity):

With the exception of dual credit taken at Atlanta Metropolitan State College for the senior level high school English, Math, and/or Social Science, and abiding by the University System of Georgia guidelines stated above, a college course may not be used to fulfill the University System of Georgia's College Preparatory Curriculum requirements. Students should make sure they are registered for the remaining College Preparatory Curriculum requirements at their high school, so that they are on track to graduate and fulfill all College Preparatory Curriculum requirements by the end of the senior year.

High school students who have completed all 16 College Preparatory Curriculum requirements for high school graduation and who have achieved a 970 SAT I score or 20 Composite ACT score and have a 3.00 or higher academic GPA, may take elective credits at the college such as PSYC 1101, ARTS 1100, MUSC 1100, SOCI 1101, and many other courses. The high school counselor will determine which elective credits can be taken at Atlanta Metropolitan State College and will list them on the ACCEL Application.