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The Department of Counseling and Accessibility Services at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) is committed to helping students optimize their collegiate experience through personal, academic, and professional development. Eligibility for services is contingent upon a student's active enrollment status.

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a discovery and learning process that mental health professionals use to assist individuals with changing, modifying, or eliminating unhealthy attitudes and behaviors by replacing them with desired and/or healthy ones. Generally, counseling services may range from one to eight weekly sessions consisting of 45 minutes each.

Benefits of Counseling

Counseling is beneficial in helping...

  • Cultivate self-awareness and self-care
  • Empower personal and professional choices
  • Foster healthy relationships
  • Process and resolve issues, conflicts, and/or past traumas
  • Adjust to change and/or loss
  • Manage school/work/life balance
  • Assist with psychological/mental disorders (i.e., personality, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating, etc.)

What is Accessibility Services?

Accessibility Services provides reasonable accommodations for documented disabilities to support student development and academic success. As defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. In order to receive accommodations, the student's disability must be verified in writing by a physician, psychiatrist/psychologist, or other qualified healthcare professional. The assignment of accommodation(s) is determined by the submission of appropriate documentation and based on the individual student evaluation.

Accessibility Services is helpful with the...

  • Provision of needed aids and services
  • Management of disability
  • Identification of supplemental resources

How to Utilize Counseling and Accessibility Services

To request services, visit the website or office to retrieve an in-take packet, then call 404-756-4016 or visit the office (see below) to schedule an initial appointment. For additional information regarding services, please contact:

Beginning March 22, the Counseling Center is open for both Telehealth and In-Person Services

The Department/Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services
Dr. Dorothy Williams, Director
Student Services & Success Center, Building 650-Suite 252
Telephone: 404-756-4016

Hours: Mon - Thurs, 9:00am - 5:00pm; Fri. 8:30am - 12:30pm

In-person Services:

  • Crisis Counseling
  • Initial Screening
  • Scheduling appointments

Telehealth Remains Available Monday - Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm, Friday 8:30am-12:30pm, by walk-in's and appointments

  • A 24/7/365 mental health support line for in-the-moment support and linkages to next steps, regardless of time of day or your location. Call us anytime, anyplace at 1-833-855-0079
  • No cost Telehealth and in-person treatment sessions provided by a diverse network of licensed mental health clinicians. To learn about your options just call us at 1-833-855-0079.
  • Virtual Psychiatric Clinics to offer assessment and medication management. To learn about your options just call us at 1-800-820-3472.

After-hours Crisis Counseling available 24/7: 833-855-0079
To get scheduled, walk in or call: 833-855-0079

Counseling Services is proud to be a part of Meditation, Wellness, and Relaxation (MWR) Project, which provides students 24/7 access to counselors and mental health resources to help cope with minor issues to major concerns. To learn more about this project click here.

Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) has joined the JED Campus program in support of student well-being and mental health. The program is designed to identify opportunities to enhance emotional health and substance abuse and suicide prevention efforts on campus in order to ensure that schools have the strongest possible mental health safety nets. To learn more about the JED Campus Program click here.