Approved Student Clubs and Organizations

Advocate Student Association

The Advocate Student Association works to promote diversity, equality, tolerance, and create a safe place for LGBT students and their allies to discuss issues of culture, relationships, and the value of self identity.

Atlanta Metropolitan Programming (AMP) Board


To provide programming activities and events for AMSC students to embrace the development of the college campus and provide additional learning opportunities that are not available in the classroom.

Art Club


To enrich students understanding of the visual arts. The art club is a club for all the art lovers to gather together to work on projects and art-related volunteering opportunities.

Brother-2-Brother Organization (B2B)

Email:; B2B Webpage

B2B strives to "Save Lives and Salvage Dreams" by preparing students for the economic realities, political climates, societal needs, and citizen expectations of African-American and Latino males.



To develop bowling skills as well as an awareness of social responsibilities.



The AMSC cheerleading squad, brings energy and enthusiasm, and spirit to AMSC basketball games

Chemistry Club

Students engage in activities that enhance their understanding of the science, get them involved in the community, and help them better appreciate how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives.



To provide an opportunity for students to sing and to provide appropriate music laboratory experiences for music majors.

Creative Writing


To provide creative written expressions for all students interested in various forms of prose.

Criminal Justice


To provide an opportunity for students who share an interest in criminal justice to promote community awareness of issues surrounding crime and public safety, to perform community service, to explore careers in criminal justice, and to meet professionals working in various criminal justice fields.

Dance Troupe


To provide creative expressions for all students interested in all forms of dance.

Drama Club


To encourage discovery and creativity in students who have a special interest in drama and to enlighten students about the origins and history of theater arts by attending plays and participating in community activities and discussions.

Educational Resources for Military Support


The Club strives to support veterans by encouraging a broadening of their self-image and by encouraging lifestyle management principles that contribute to success with their academic, community, spiritual and emotional needs. Such success will lead them to become contributing citizens recognized for their professional and civic achievement.

Future Educators of AMSC


To enrich, transmit knowledge about education, and to share group ideas.

Global Green

The purpose of Global Green is to educate and promote being environmentally friendly. The earth is the most important structure of life, without it no one could survive. So, we will enhance students and communities ability and knowledge about being environmentally friendly. We will also promote professional development in environmental sciences, which is crucial for the sustainability of life.

International Student Organization


Composed of international students and interested American students. The ISO provides opportunities for fellowship among students who are far away from their homes, as well as enrichment of the college community through activities which facilitate closer acquaintance with cultures represented by members of the organization.

Math Club


To acquaint and interest students in the pursuit of analytic knowledge and careers with emphasis on the underlying role of mathematics, its applications and ethical concerns.


Email:; MESA Webpage

To enhance the educational support and guidance for students interested in Science, Mathematics, or Engineering- based careers.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)


A national community that dramatically improves student's ability to successfully attain desired outcomes. The Society guides individuals through the process of identifying and committing to focused and dedicated actions that lead to their personal success. The organization's objective is to offer continual motivation and support with accountability steps to help students take the necessary actions to achieve their goals.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Email:; PTK Webpage

To recognize and encourage scholarship and to support excellence and integrity in the pursuit of the arts and sciences. The organization provides opportunities for the development of leadership and service as well as an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals. Members are selected primarily on the basis of broad cultural interests, scholarly achievements, and good character. Interested students must have completed 15 college level credits and earned at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average to join. In addition, students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average to continue membership.

Political Science Association


To expand student knowledge of and participation in politics at the educational, local, state, and national levels.

Pre-Pharmacy & Pre- Medicine Club

To provide guidance to students as they prepare for pharmacy or a medical school, osteopathic medical training, and podiatric medical training.

Psychology Club


To promote the study of human behavior and enhance intellectual development.

Social Science Association


To promote the study of human behavior and enhance intellectual development.

Stepping High on Empowerment for Sisterhood (S.H.O.E.S)

The mission of S.H.O.E.S is to assist its participants to develop a solid foundation that will help them successfully matriculate in college while achieving their professional and personal goals. S.H.O.E.S. members aim to excel academically, socially, and culturally in higher education and in the community with true empowerment through sisterhood.

Student Government Association


Is composed of student representatives who meet regularly to discuss matters of general concern regarding students. The assembly acts as liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff, administration. The commission plans program and activities to meet the needs of student body.

Student Times Newspaper


To provide a student publishing voice with practical experience in journalistic design and publication.

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)


To provide students with the best opportunity to make a difference and to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. To extend business learning from the classroom into "real world" experiences.

Travel & Culture Club


To promote interest in travel and culture.To join a club or organization or to learn about upcoming events, please visit the Office of Student Life & Leadership.